3 types of ship management models

There are 3 types of shipmanagement systems:

  1. Traditional shipmanagement system: shipowner organized an in-house shipmanagement system. Shipowner has full responsibility of operating, crewing personnel to ships directly. Shipowner in-house shipmanagement meet the requirements of the ISM Code Certification for the office and each ship.
  2. Outsourcing shipmanagement system: Shipmanagement is contracted out to a 3rd party company like V-Ships, Bernhard Schulte, Unicom Management. All day-to-day operation of the ships like: technical, crewing, operations, commercial, accounting and financing carried out by 3rd party. Shipmanagement company reports to the shipowner and the shipowner will be responsible for funding the operation of the ship and supplying the management company with a monthly fee.
  3. Hybrid shipmanagement system: Partial outsourcing of the functions from the shipowner to the shipmanagement company. This will be agreed in advance and a fee structure set for the services provided. Many shipowners still only outsource crewing.