Adding Originals

There are several commercially available charter party editors that can be installed on office computers, and which can produce charter parties at the press of a button. Programs like this are very useful in busy offices and have dramatically cut the time taken to prepare a final charter party. BIMCO, has developed an Internet-based charter party editor, named “BIMCO’s idea”. It is built around a widely used word-processing package meaning that most users will already be familiar with the layout and controls. Templates of BIMCO approved documents are kept are available in a central, common storage, whereas edited documents are stored on a private area only accessible by the individual user who must pre-register and subscribe to the system. This ensures the integrity of the original BIMCO form and allows new forms to be added rapidly to the catalogue of available documents. Upon printing, the edited document is e-mailed to a pre-registered e-mail address in the shape of a pdf-file. The document may subsequently be distributed by e-mail to the relevant parties. Another great advantage over the old, PC-based BIMCO Charter Party Editor is that the application is not locked to one computer, but may be accessed by anybody in your organisation, from any computer, without the need for registering that particular PC with BIMCO. Thus, with such a qualified signature, a broker will not be held personally liable for the performance of the contract unless there is a clause or wording in the charterparty clearly showing that the broker is in fact a principal. Addenda and side letters should be treated in the same fashion as charterparties, being signed by both parties, or their brokers, in the manner described above. Occasionally, perhaps in agreements where documentary credits are involved, it may become necessary to produce two or more ‘original charterparties’. In such cases, each document should bear its proper title – e.g. ‘First Original’, or ‘Second Original’.