Additions to Hire: Quite apart from ballast bonuses, there may be other additions to hire payments made from time to time. In addition there may be claims from the owner for (3) radio message expense reimbursement, for communications necessary on behalf of timecharterers, as well as for (4) gratuities expended on charterers’ behalf to certain employees at ports of call. Finally (5) a time charter invariably insists upon the vessel being redelivered ‘in like good order and condition’ as wehn she was taken over by the charterer. This would, therefore, mean that the timecharter would be required to employ labour to clean the ship’s holds and she would remain on hire all the time this was taking place. Hold-cleaning can sometimes be quite easily done by the ship’s crew on the ballast passage to the next loading port and quite often the charterer is able to negotiate the right to redeliver the ship without that final cleaning. The quid pro quo for this concession is usually a lumpsum ‘in lieu of cleaning’ payable with the balance of outstanding hire. All these need to be costed, vouchers supplied and claims made. The charterer is obliged to make good any damage to the vessel done by stevedores and others servants of the charterer during the period of the charter. Quite often this damage is minor in nature and to delay the ship while repairs were made could be expensive. Frequently the parties agree that the charterer pays over a sum of money that the owner will use to put matters right when the vessel is in drydock or undergoing more extensive repair work.