Atlantic Bulk Carriers

Greek shipowner and operator Atlantic Bulk Carriers has ordered two (2) ultramax bulk carriers at Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard with no options. Ultramax bulk carriers will be delivered in 2021 and will not be scrubber-fitted. In 2017, Coumantaros family-controlled Atlantic Bulk Carriers ordered two (2) ultramax bulk carriers 61K DWT MV Desert Ranger MV Desert Challenger at the same shipyard in Vietnam. Greek shipowners and operators continue to replace older ships with newbuildings despite uncertainty over carbon limits. Previously, Piraeus based Atlantic Bulk Carriers also ordered newbuilding ultramax bulk carriers in Japan. In August 2019, Atlantic Bulk Carriers took delivery of 2019 built ultramax bulk carrier 63K DWT MV Desert Grace from Imabari Shipbuilding, Japan. Currently, Atlantic Bulk Carriers has no additional newbuilding order plans. Usually, Atlantic Bulk Carriers orders newbuilding bulk carriers as part of periodic fleet-renewal and sells an equivalent number of older tonnage. In November 2019, Atlantic Bulk Carriers sold 2006 built supramax bulk carrier 54K DWT MV Desert Melody for around $7.65 million. Furthermore, Atlantic Bulk Carriers sold 2002 built panama bulk carrier 74K DWT MV Desert Eagle for around $8.3 million. Currently, Greek shipowner and operator Atlantic Bulk Carriers has a fleet of 20 bulk carriers.