Bankrupted Ship Operator Medmar

Shipowners still confront with ship arrests after the bankrupted ship operator Medmar Inc. Fuel supplier Cockett Marine Oil DMCC has arrested 2013 built kamsarmax bulk carrier 81K DWT MV Tuo Fu 8 at Hazira Port in India for an unpaid fuel bill that was accrued while the MV Tuo Fu 8 was chartered out to collapsed ship operator Medmar Inc. MV Tuo Fu 8 is owned by Tuofu Shipping Management, China. Now-defunct Greek ship operator Medmar Inc. chartered in MV Tuo Fu 8 and loaded bunkers worth $94,793 at the Los Angeles Port in August 2019. Cockett Marine Oil DMCC asked High Court of Gujarat to order lien on bunkers of MV Tuo Fu 8.

In January 2020, fuel suppliers arrested two other bulk carriers in India due to unpaid bills of bankrupted ship operator Medmar Inc and both bulk carriers have since been released. Two bulk carriers had been on time charter to Medmar Inc during July and August 2019.

In September 2019, Greek ship operator Medmar Inc closed its doors. Bankrupted ship operator Medmar Inc debt chase lifts veil on the company. Medmar Inc bought fuel for chartered in ships in Los Angeles Port but never paid the outstanding bills.

Previously, Cockett Marine Oil arrested Shamrock Maritime’s supramax bulk carrier and Sing Fuels arrested Eagle Bulk Shipping’s ultramax bulk carrier due to bankrupted ship operator Medmar Inc’s unpaid bunker bills. Shamrock Maritime and Eagle Bulk Shipping have since settled the fuel suppliers’ claims.