Bulk Flax

Esparto: A coarse grass grown in North Africa and in Spain, and extensively used in the paper industry. Very inflammable, and if wetted liable to spontaneous combustion. The stowage factor varies considerably, according to the density of bale packing, whilst significant weight loss during transit is common.

Fibres: Plant products used in the manufacture of cloths and cordage, etc; prominent among their number being Coir, Flax. Hemp. Jute and Sisal.

Flax: An annual herb, which when grown in southern and mild climes is almost totally used for the production of its oil-bearing seeds, but when cultivated in colder, damp climates, particularly in Russia, is a plant developing tough fibres utilised in the linen industry. These fibres are shipped, pressed or otherwise, in bales of varying density, but usually fairly loosely so as to avoid damage to the commodity. Flax should be shipped dry, being well ventilated to avoid spontaneous combustion and stowed with adequate mats and dunnage. There may be loss of out-turn weight due to the fibres drying out during transit.

  • Esparto Baled Stowage Factor 130/170
  • Flax (Baltic) Unpressed Baled Stowage Factor 145/155
  • Flax (Baltic) Pressed Baled Stowage Factor 100/130
  • Hemp Baled Stowage Factor 90/110
  • Jute Baled Stowage Factor 65
  • Jute Bagged Stowage Factor 100/105
  • Sisal Baled Stowage Factor 90/110