Bulk Oilseeds

Bulk Oilseeds

Oilseeds from a variety of plants, are normally crushed mechanically or treated by a solvent process to remove valuable oils, and include: sunflower seed; rapeseed; mustard seed; linseed; and lupin seed.

Bulk Oilseeds Shipping

Bulk Oilseeds form are a dangerous cargo, being particularly prone to shifting at sea. It is also possible to drown in a hold of such a commodity. For these reasons, adequate securing of seed cargoes in non self-trimming vessels is vital, whilst seamen and shore labour must exercise extreme caution when engaged in associated cargo work.

Bulk Oilseeds Stowage Factor:

  • Sunflowerseed Meal Bagged Stowage Factor 59/61
  • Sunflowerseed Pellets Bulk Stowage Factor 62/65
  • Sesameseed Bulk Stowage Factor 55/70
  • Rapeseed Bulk Stowage Factor 53/57
  • Rapeseed Bagged Stowage Factor 60/65
  • Rapeseed Expellers and Pellets Bulk Stowage Factor 53/57