Bulk Rye

Rye: A kind of grass allied to wheat, grown in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in North Germany and the Baltic countries. Used in bread making and for the distillation of spirits.
Safflower: Valued for its oils (and for cosmetic dye) and grown extensively in the Indian Sub-Continent, but exported largely from Australia.
Sesame: A valuable plant seed, widely grown in Asia Minor, India and Central America, and exported in bags. Its oils are used in the manufacture of soap, margarine and as a lubricant, the residue as oilcake.

Sunflower:  Widely grown seed plant frequently encountered as a cargo from Canada, South America and Australia, also in the forms of pellets and meals.

  • Rye Bulk Stowage Factor 49/52
  • Rye Bagged Stowage Factor 53/55
  • Sesameseed Bagged Stowage Factor 55/70
  • Sunflowerseed Bulk Stowage Factor 85/90
  • Sunflowerseed Meal Bagged Stowage Factor 59/61
  • Sunflowerseed Pellets Bulk Stowage Factor 62/65