Bulk Shipping Abbreviations

BBB: Before Breaking Bulk: Freight not to be paid until after arrival at the discharge port but before commencement of unloading – i.e.: before breaking bulk.

BWAD: Brackish Water Arrival Draft: Refers to either available water at a port or, more usually, to a ship’s maximum draft on arrival at a port on the basis of brackish water – a mixture of saltwater and freshwater, such as would be experienced in an estuarial port – e.g.: berths alongside the River Clyde.

Chart Datum: Water level calculated on the lowest tide that can conceivably occur, and used as a basis for chart measurements. Such a low tide is known as the Lowest Astronomic Tide (LAT), and presupposes that, at the very worst, there would always be that depth of available water at that particular spot.

CFR:  Cost and Freight: Goods are to be sold on the basis that the seller arranges their sea borne transportation and delivery to the buyer.

CHOPT: Charterer’s Option: May refer, for example to Charterer’s option to discharge at a number of ports – e.g. ‘up to three ports Taiwan, in charterer’s option’. Or perhaps relative to a cargo size margin – e.g.: ‘10,000 tonnes, 5 per cent more or less chopt.

CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight: As for CRF, except the seller will also insure the goods.

COP: Custom of Port: Can be applied to many aspects including nominating of berths, method of loading or discharging, method of delivering or receiving cargo.

CQD: Customary Quick Despatch: The vessel is to be loaded or discharged as quickly as is customary and possible.

CVS: Consecutive Voyages: A series of consecutive voyages, usually laden from Port A to Port B, returning in ballast condition, and so on until completion of final cargo discharge.