Delivery and redelivery: (Preamble lines 34/41, Clauses 28 and 34). Places of delivery/redelivery, laydays/cancelling, notices to be given by owners prior to delivery and by charterer prior to redelivery. Bunkers: (Clause 3). It is common practice for time charterers to take over and pay the owner for bunkers remaining on board a vessel upon delivery on to time charter, and for owners to act similarly upon redelivery, the quantities of fuel, diesel and/or gas oil, and the prices per tonne of each, being negotiated when fixing. It is often the case that about the same quantities and prices prevail at both ends of the timecharter, although occasionally one side or the other benefits by shrewd negotiation, and obtains either inexpensive bunkers or sells at a good profit. With some trip charters of short duration, however, this system of taking over and paying for bunkers remaining on board may prove unnecessarily cumbersome, and it may be arranged that charterers supply sufficient bunkers for the trip at their own expense, or that they pay an owner for only the estimated quantity of bunkers required for the trip out of the total remaining on board. Balances in one side’s favour or the other are settled upon completion of the time charter in the financial reconciliation. The grade and quality of bunkers supplied to a vessel has developed during the 1980’s into a subject of considerable importance. The wording of the printed ASBATIME does not reflect this importance, however, restricting itself to just a brief reference in the preamble, lines 15/18. Almost certainly an additional rider clause will be required, which contains a full specification of the quality of bunkers that must be supplied to a time chartered vessel and this has been addressed in NYPE 93, Clause 9.