Captain Nikolaos Frangos died

One of the modern Greek Shipping founder Captain Nikolaos Frangos died at the age of 90. Navios Group CEO Angeliki Frangou’s father Captain Nikolaos Frangos spent his lifetime in shipping business. Captain Nikolaos Frangos was one of the most emblematic figures of Greek shipowning. Captain Nikolaos Frangos was born in 1926 in Kardamyla, Chios. Tsakos and Angelicoussis shipping clans also hail from Chios. Captain Nikolaos Frangos story as an independent owner began in 1960 when he bought his first ship, which he named M/V Captain Frangos. Captain Nikolaos Frangos was one of the first owners to make contacts with China. Captain Nikolaos Frangos established Good Faith Shipping which become one of biggest shipmanagement companies in Greece.