Chandris Hellas


Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) which supports and promotes using scrubbers on ships has added more big ship owners to its membership. Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) founding members include John Fredriksen’s Frontline and Golden Ocean, Idan Ofer’s Eastern Pacific Shipping, and Navig8. Beginning of 2019, Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) has 35 member companies. Lately, shipowner and operator Wallenius Wilhelmsen became a member of the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020).

Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020)’s members now own a fleet of nearly 2,500 vessels. Recently, Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) added big names as members like German ship-manager Hammonia Reederei, United States tanker owner International Seaways, Greek shipowner Chandris Hellas, and United States-based dry bulk shipowner Genco Shipping & Trading. Wallenius Wilhelmsen supports the implementation of the International Maritime Organization 2020 0.5% global sulfur limitation regulation, but Wallenius Wilhelmsen anticipates hike in bunker prices and quality problems.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen will use low sulfur fuels on the majority of its fleet and scrubbers on big vessels. Wallenius Wilhelmsen joins the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) in order to ensure market players have a sound understanding of the environmental performance of scrubbers. Wallenius Wilhelmsen has a total fleet of 130 ships. 23 ships will be fitted with scrubbers by the end of 2021.

Genco Shipping & Trading has heavily invested in marine exhaust gas treatment systems. According to Genco Shipping & Trading’s CEO John Wobensmith, it is important to join Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) where like-minded shipping companies gather to support scrubbers. Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) is committed to provide the shipping industry with scientific data on the environmental and operational performance of scrubbers.

Other supporting members of the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA 2020) include Carnival, Safe Bulkers, Cargill, Trafigura, Torm, Hunter Group, Okeanis Eco Tankers, DHT, Blystad Group, Eagle Bulk, Oldendorff Carriers, Grimaldi Group and Spliethoff.


Greek shipowner and operator Chandris Hellas Inc. sold its 2001 built panamax dry bulk carrier 74K DWT MV Marichristina (ex M/V SA Warrior) for around $5 million. MV Marichristina (ex M/V SA Warrior) is the first bulk carrier sale of Chandris Hellas Inc. since December 2014.

In 2003, Greek shipowner and operator Chandris Hellas Inc. bought MV Marichristina (ex M/V SA Warrior) for around $21 million. Greek shipowner and operator Chandris Hellas Inc. also has a sistership 2001 built MV Amira in its fleet.

Chandris Hellas Inc. fleet consists of nine 9 tankers and 16 dry bulk carriers.