China Log Import

According to consultancy Wood Resources International (WRI), China imports of logs reached another record high in 2018. This was the third consecutive year of year-on-year increases. 2018 log import volumes being up 37% from those seen in 2015. In 2018, around 40 million cubic-metres of logs were unloaded at Chinese ports. New Zealand has become an increasingly important supplier of logs to China. In 2018, New Zealand is accounting for 44% log volume that China imports. In 2015, New Zealand’s share was 30%. While New Zealand and Japan increased export market share, Russia export log share to China has fallen from 36% to 18% in the past three years. Japan is 6th largest softwood log importer in the world, has almost tripled log exports to China over the past few years, from just over 300,000-cbm in 2014 to almost 1,000,000-cbm in 2018. Meanwhile, minor log exporters, such as Poland, Chile, South Africa and Germany also expanded their shipments to China in 2018. Only Russia and Canada reduced their log exports to China. Pine log shipments from Uruguay to China have increased to almost 2,500,000-cbm in 2018. Uruguay was the 5th largest log supplier to China in 2018.

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