Chrome Ore Shipping

Chrome Ore

Chrome Ore is used in the manufacture of special steels and alloys and for such processes as chromium plating.

Chrome Ore is in high demand throughout the industrialised world and forms regular widespread exports from Sweden; from Albania, Greece, Turkey and Russia in the Mediterranean and Black Seas; and, further east, from Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, The Philippines, and South Eastern Africa.

Chrome Ore Shipping

Chrome Ore is a hard, heavy yet harmless ore, shipped in lump form and, since it is not treated before use but utilised in its natural state, it follows that especial care must be taken to keep Chrome Ore from contamination by other material. Especially is this so with manganese ore, admixture of these ores causing serious damage, and perhaps ruin to each other.

Since manganese ore is exported from South-East Africa, it is not beyond possibility that both these commodities will occasionally be required to be loaded on the same ship.

In such cases, the ore should be stowed in separate holds and the greatest care taken to avoid even the slightest mixture.

Hematite is a widespread and the most important iron-ore, known also as ferric-oxide. Red Hematite ore contains about 70% metal and the brown about 60%, and both can be very dusty.

Chrome Ore Stowage Factor:

  • Bulk Chrome Ore Stowage Factor 12/15