Clipper Bulk


Copenhagen based shipowner and operator Clipper sold three (3) handysize bulk carriers:

  • MV Clipper Target (30K DWT built 2005)
  • MV Clipper Tenacious (30K DWT built 2007)
  • MV Clipper Trust (30K DWT built 2007)

Three (3) handysize bulk carriers were built at Cochin Shipyard, India. Currently, Clipper Group continues to reorganize its owned fleet. According to shipbrokers, three (3) handysize bulk carriers were sold to Vietnamese shipowners for around $6 million each.

In September 2019, Danish shipowner and operator Clipper bought three (3) modern handysize bulk carriers from compatriot Lauritzen Bulkers:

  • MV Orchard Bulker (32K DWT built 2010)
  • MV Sentosa Bulker (32K DWT built 2010)
  • MV Emilie Bulker (32K DWT built 2010)

During acquisition, Clipper Bulk was operating around 85 handysize and supramax bulk carriers, including tonnage operated by the two Clipper Bulk-managed pools:

  • Clipper Handy Pool
  • Clipper Ultra Pool

Clipper Bulk has been scaling down the number of owned bulkers in its fleet. Before the Lauritzen Bulkers deal, Clipper had not bought any bulk carriers since 2016. Clipper Bulk has not acquired any bulk carrier as a wholly-owned basis. Clipper Bulk has a handful of bulk carriers under joint-venture structures.


Danish shipowner and operator Clipper Bulk is slashing 40 employees and terminating its Tokyo office as a business transformation. Clipper Bulk revealed a significant shift in business and infused capital into the business. Fresh funds and diminished costs will support the business to flourish again. Clipper Bulk will concentrate on operating rather than fully-owning tonnage. Previously, Clipper and V.Ships Ship Management had bulk carrier management deal.

Clipper Bulk clarified that recapitalization and strategy transformation is partially driven by Clipper Bulk’s experience in Q1 2019 where the shipping market really collapsed. Clipper Bulk is decreasing size and costs. Clipper Bulk is slashing 40 employees. Jensen family would remain the controlling shareholder of Clipper Bulk with Frank Jensen as Chairman.

Last month, Clipper Bulk revolutionize the company by selling all bulk carrier fleet. Before selling all the fleet, Clipper Bulk was listed with 15 bulk carriers from handysize up to panamax bulk carriers. Clipper Bulk has no longer fully-owned bulk carriers but does still own a handful of bulk carriers under joint-venture structures.

Clipper Bulk emphasized that the dry bulk market is performing in an extra inconstant way. Clipper Bulk has been decreasing its fleet significantly over the last quarter. Clipper Bulk has an operating fleet of around 80 bulk carriers, including two pools. Clipper Bulk’s power in niche businesses and in modest joint ventures.


Copenhagen based shipowner and operator Clipper Group sold all bulk carrier fleet. According to the annual report, Clipper Group will soon be an absolute ship operating company.

Clipper Group has chartered-in dry bulk carriers and operates a fleet of 100 dry bulk carriers. Clipper Group anticipates a weak dry bulk market. Clipper Group had a fleet of 15 dry bulk carriers. Besides, Danish Clipper Group owns two cruise ships and ferry operator Seatruck.

In October 2017, Clipper Group sold 16 dry bulk carriers including four (4) multipurpose carriers. In 2018, Clipper Group sold a 2004 built dry bulk carrier 28K DWT MV Clipper Lasco for around $7 million. Previously, Hong Kong-listed Asia Energy Logistics acquired 2 handysize dry bulk carriers 2011 built dry bulk carriers 32K DWT MV Clipper Selo and 32K DWT MV Clipper Panorama from Clipper Group for around $21 million. In 2018, Clipper Group sold its 50% share in Danish Ferries to Mols Linien.


Copenhagen based shipowner and operator J Lauritzen has appointed Kristian Morch as BOD (Board of Director). Kristian Morch was previously Chief Executive Officer at Clipper Bulk, served as Odfjell BOD (Board of Director), and also worked for AP Moller-Maersk.


Danish shipowner and operator Clipper Group sold 16 ships. In 2014, Clipper Group signed a financing agreement maturing early in 2018 and now has to decrease debt. Numerous remaining ships were guaranteed as collateral and others being sold as part of the agreement.

Clipper Group has to dispose of more handysize bulkers which were ordered at Tsuji Heavy Industries. Formerly, Danish shipowner and operator Clipper Group ordered 42 handysize dry bulk carriers from Tsuji Heavy Industries.

According to¬†Clipper Group’s restructuring scheme, Clipper Bulk is shutting down 5 offices worldwide. Clipper Bulk is closing offices in Stamford USA, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and Beijing. Clipper Bulk operates around 130 bulk carriers. Clipper Bulk operates from handysize up to panamax bulk carriers.


Danish shipowner and operator Clipper Group has been trying to appoint a new CFO (Chief Finance Officer). Clipper Group published that current CFO Flemming Steen is quitting. Clipper Group is a major player in the dry bulk sector operating a fleet of around 130 handysize and supramax dry bulk carriers.


Gary Lawrence appointed as the chartering manager of Clipper Bulk USA instead of quitting chartering manager Jesper Christensen. Jesper Christensen is appointed by New York-listed Genco Shipping & Trading as Vice President (VP). Copenhagen based Clipper Bulk is a ship operator in the dry bulk handysize segment.