FAS: Free Alongside, or Free Alongside Ship: Goods to be brought alongside the carrying vessel at the port of loading, free of expense to the carrier. FCA: Free Carrier: Cargo to be delivered by the seller into the charge of the carrier at a place nominated by the buyer or carrier. FCL: Full Container Load. FD: Free Despatch (See DFD). F(DF)DEDVAOCLONL: Freight (Dead Freight) Deemed Earned on Departure, Vessel And Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost: This somewhat unwieldy expression is often used               to clarify the freight rate. It signifies that even if the vessel or its cargo              is lost at sea the charterer is obliged to pay the full freight. FIO:  Free In and Out: Cargo to be loaded and discharged free of expense to the carrier. FIOS: Free In, Out and Stowed: Cargo to be loaded, stowed and discharged free of expense to the carrier – for bulk commodities. FIOST: Free In, Out, Stowed and Trimmed: Certain commodities require both stowing and trimming – e.g.: scrap metal in bulk. This term ensures that none of the loading, discharging stowing or trimming expenses will be for the account of the carrier. For similar terms for some goods, traders must be even more explicit. For example, with motorcars, equivalent terms would be used so as to read ‘free in, out, lashed, secured and unlashed’. FIOSPT: Free In, Out and Spout Trimmed: Free-running cargo – e.g.: bulk grains – to be loaded, spout- trimmed (i.e. trimmed by means of manoeuvring the loading spout) and discharged, free of expense to the carrier. FHEX: Fridays and Holidays Excepted: Laytime will not count during Fridays and Holidays. FHINC: Fridays and Holidays Included: Opposite to FHEX. Laytime counts during Fridays and Holidays, which are to be considered as working days. FOB: Free on Board: Cargo to be delivered on board free of cost to either the buyer or carrier.