Corn Stowage Factor

Principal grains, seeds and pulses, together with certain by-products involved in seaborne trades are:
Alfalfa: A deep-rooted plant of the pea family valued as fodder, particularly in the Americas.

Barley: A generally light stowing grain exported extensively in bulk and in bags from Canada, Europe, and Australasia, and used in malt-making, bread and cattlefood, as well as for brewing and distilling. Imported in large quantities into Red Sea and Arabian Gulf countries, usually in bags.

Corn: Maize – Also known as Indian corn and widely-grown in Southern Africa, the Far East, South America and the USA. Apart from its value as a foodstuff, corn has various industiral applications eg: for starch, and is rich in glucose. Corn-gluten feed pellets being a by-product are used as an animal feed which is highly regarded for its gluten protein. Corn is particularly liable to heat and to sweat, especially as a result of poor handling prior to shipment.

  • Corn Bulk Stowage Factor 47/52
  • Corn Bagged Stowage Factor 52/55
  • Corn Gluten Feed Pellets Bulk Stowage Factor 58/60
  • Alfalfa Pellets Bulk Stowage Factor 64/66
  • Alfalfa Pellets Bagged Stowage Factor 69/71
  • Barley (Australian) Bulk Stowage Factor 47/51
  • Barley (Australian) Bagged Stowage Factor 52/54
  • Barley (Northern Hemisphere) Bulk Stowage Factor 53/55
  • Barley (Northern Hemisphere) Bagged Stowage Factor 58/60