DFD: Demurrage/Free Despatch: An expression confirming that a shipowner may be entitled to demurrage for port delay to his vessel, but that no despatch is applicable in case laytime is saved – e.g. ‘$2000 Demurrage/Free Despatch’. Common in short-sea and other trades where turn-round in port is speedy; for example, ro-ro vessels. DHD: Demurrage/Half Despatch: More frequently encountered than DFD in deep-sea trades, where despatch earned is agreed to be at half the daily rate .DOP: Dropping Outward Pilot: Signifies a point of delivery onto or redelivery off time charter, following a vessel’s sailing from a port. DLOSP Dropping Last Outward Sea Pilot: As DOP but more clarified. In some ports as many as four pilots may be used on the outward passage. This term indicates that all acts of pilotage must be complete. DWAT: Deadweight All Told: The total deadweight of a vessel at any time, or estimated against a particular draft. Includes cargo, bunkers, constant weights, etc. DWCC: Deadweight Cargo Capacity: An estimate of the actual cargo intake against a particular draft, allowing for bunkers, constant weights, etc. EIU: Even if Used: Signifies that time spent on cargo working in excepted periods – e.g.: during a holiday – will not count as laytime, even if used. ETA: Estimated or Expected Time of ArrivalETC: Estimated or Expected Time of Commencement, or Estimated or Expected Time of CompletionETD:              Estimated or Expected Time of Departure. ETS: Estimated or Expected Time of Sailing. FAC: Fast As Can: Another laytime term, under which the ship concerned is to load or discharge itself (e.g.: for a ‘self-discharger’) as fast as it can manage. May be qualified by including COP (see above). The ship must load or discharge as fast as it can manage but subject to the normal method of delivering or receiving cargo.