Donald Trump affect on shipping

Donald Trump is well-known antipathy towards trade deals and Iran sanctions may be eased. But the protection of domestic shipping under the Jones Act is expected to remain unchanged. Donald Trump protectionism on trade is more pronounced. Donald Trump’s victory also brings uncertainty to domestic shipping policy. Donald Trump having a supportive secretary of transportation and maritime administrator is key for the health of the US-flag sector. Donald Trump’s stance on protecting US jobs and defence, the Jones Act is expected to be safe. Jones Act restricts shipping between US ports to vessels that are built in domestic yards, crewed by Americans and owned by a US company. Donald Trump campaign pledged to reduce the red tape and bureaucratic hurdles facing oil, natural gas and coal projects in the US. This development potentially represents more cargoes for tankers and dry bulk ships heading out of the US, and may potentially represent a disruption of current trade flows as the US further reduces its dependence on seaborne oil from other countries. Donald Trump’s stance on fossil fuels could end up as a marginal plus for the US oil sector but it is far too early to draw any conclusions about what his victory will eventually mean to oil prices