Dry Cargo Charterparty Forms

A wide range of different forms are used in dry cargo chartering. Some are general purpose while others are for specific trades.

General Purpose Charterparty Forms

  • GENCON, this is a general purpose voyage charterparty, which is considered fair to both parties.
  • Universal Voyage Charterparty 1984 (NUVOY – 84)
    Multiform,  this  is  a  general  purpose  charterparty  issued  by  FONASBA, (Federation of National Shipshipbrokers and Agents). Some specialised charterparty forms in common use include: Polcoalvoy, Sovcoal, Americanised Welsh Coal Charter (Amwelsh), Australian Coal Charter, C Ore 7 (for iron ore), Synacomex Grain, Centrocon, Sugar 77