ESL Shipping Finland

Helsinki based shipowner and operator ESL Shipping is planning to build its presence in the Baltic Sea sector. Mikki Koskinen led ESL Shipping increased earnings in Q3 2019. ESL Shipping reported operating profit of Euro 4.4 million in Q3 2019, from Euro 4 million in Q3 2018. ESL Shipping reported a revenue of Euro 43.4 million in Q3 2019, from Euro 30.6 million in Q3 2018.

In September 2018, Finnish shipowner and operator ESL Shipping acquired Swedish shipowner and operator AtoB@C. Furthermore, ESL Shipping took delivery of two (2) LNG-powered bulk carriers.

ESL Shipping has been actively investigating different opportunities to have a broader presence in growing markets in the Russian Arctic. Cargo volumes carried during Q3 2019 is reached to 4.2 million tons, from 3.4 million tons in Q3 2018.

Finland based shipowner and operator ESL Shipping is a parent of conglomerate Aspo. According to Aspo CEO Aki Ojanen, ESL Shipping’s goal is to further improve the company’s position as the leading and the environmentally-friendliest shipping company in the Baltic Sea. New LNG-fuelled bulk carriers and investment of AtoB@C had a positive impact on ESL Shipping’s operating profit. However, there are signs of weak demand in ESL Shipping’s main sector.

Currently, ESL Shipping owns nine (9) bulk carriers and three (3) tug boats. ESL Shipping operates around 50 vessels.