Every ship will be inspected by Port State Control (PSC)

PSC (Port State Control) inspections per year will vary depending on the trading pattern of the ship and the results of previous PSC inspections. Due to the disparity of the various PSC MoUs the application of the PSC procedures vary. PSC procedures for PSC inspection is standardized by the IMO publication Procedures for Port State Control 2011. Mostly, ships are not just detained; there is a progression leading to detention which is the lack of response from the ship or the ship manager office that results in the detention. There might be miscommunication or misunderstanding, hostility from the crew and lack of co-operation between the PSCO (Port State Control Officers) and the ship’s Officers and Crew. Responsibilities imposed on the ship’s officers and crew workload increase if ship managers lower the number of officers and crew. Certain ship types have more inspections and audits than others, such as oil tankers and LNG/LPG ships. Ships must be ready for inspection at all times and preparation for inspections and audits is part of the normal day-to-day operation and maintenance of the ship.