Ferrous Alloys

Iron ore is widely mixed with other ores and carried as a raw material or, after processing of this material, as an alloy (perhaps termed ‘exothermic’) used for steel- making. perhaps also being moulded into alloy briquettes. Amongst these alloys are:-

Ferro-chromium:  shipped as dust or in lumps, a fairly harmless cargo except that no hot work should be allowed in its vicinity.

Ferro-manganese: has similar shipping properties to ferro-chromium.

Ferro-phosphorus: has a tendency to emit toxic gas if in contact with water, and thus must be kept dry and ventilated, and away from the habitable parts of the carrying ship.

  • Bulk Ferro-chromium Stowage Factor  6/9
  • Bulk Ferro-manganese Stowage Factor  6/10
  • Bulk Ferro-phosphorus Stowage Factor 15/18