International Federation of Forwarding Agents’ Associations (FIATA)’s  initials  stem  from  its  French  title,  as  the  Federation  Internationale  des Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles. The organisation was founded in Vienna in 1926. It is a non-governmental organisation representing an industry closely allied to the shipbroking sector, which incorporates more than 40,000 freight-forwarding firms in 150 countries worldwide. FIATA is active in the fields of Airfreight, Customs and Multimodal Transport as well as Shipping and has working groups and committees which examine developments in sea,  rail  and  air  transport.  These  groups  and  committees  as  have  been  active  in producing recommended forms of documentation such as non-negotiable waybills, shippers’ dangerous goods declarations, multimodal transport bills of lading, warehouse receipts and so on. Many students will have seen the FIATA logo appearing on such documents. FIATA’s membership consists of National Associations, such as the British International Freight Association (BIFA), groups and individual members. More information about FIATA, together with a full membership list can be found at