The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents (FONASBA) was formed in 1969 from national European shipbroker and agent associations to encompass the interests of the Liner Agent, the Tramp Port Agent, and the Shipbroker engaged in the chartering of ships. Some 26 countries worldwide are now represented through their national members’ associations. The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents (FONASBA) may be consulted and itself speaks with authority on all relevant matters appertaining to the shipping profession insofar as shipbrokers and agents are concerned. It consults with national and international bodies, authorities and organisations on matters of concern to the shipping profession. It encourages fair and equitable practice of the profession of shipbrokers and agents and to that effect: 1. Supports its members when the basis and general interests of their profession are in question. 2. Co-ordinates common efforts to improve, simplify and standardize shipping contracts and documents 3. Ensures an efficient exchange of information of general or particular interest. The Federation aims particularly to co-operate with organisations of shipowners, merchants, and charterers on an international level believing that the special relationship between its members and cargo and owner interests will enable FONASBA to bring to international discussions experience and expertise co-ordinated on a world-wide basis and thus make its contribution to international trade. The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents (FONASBA)’s Chartering and Documentary Committee has actively participated in the revision of charter parties and other shipping documents. It has, for example, issued forms of Liner and General Agency Agreements, an International Brokers’ Commission Contract, a Time Charter Interpretation Code and a Guide to Standard Port Agency Conditions as well as devising the Multiform Charter party (1982) as an alternative to the old General Voyage Charter party (GENCON). The Chartering and Documentary Committee also played a leading role in the revision of Charter parties such as NORGRAIN 89, NYPE 93 and AMWELSH 93 issued by the American Agents and Brokers’ Association ASBA. The guiding policy in all charter revisions is to remain objective and adopt an evenhanded position between charterer and owners irrespective of the current state of the market. The Federation advocates terms which are equitable to both sides, that are clear, comprehensive and reflect up to date conditions. FONASBA’s secretariat is based in London. It has consultative status with UNCTAD
and attends the meetings in Geneva when shipping documentation is discussed and it speaks there as the voice of shipbrokers and agents internationally. It now incorporates a daughter organisation ECASBA (The European Community Association of Shipbrokers and Agents) which works in similar fields for the benefit of members within the European Union. Further details of FONASBA’s activities can be found on its website at