Giuseppe Bottiglieri seeks debt restructuring

Italian bulker and tanker owner Giuseppe Bottiglieri files for creditor protection seeks debt restructuring after being hit by shipping crises. Italian shipowner Giuseppe Bottiglieri has started on a debt restructuring agreement with its creditors. Italian bulker and tanker owner Giuseppe Bottiglieri filed an application in line with Italian bankruptcy law on 29 December 2016. Italian shipowner Giuseppe Bottiglieri will try to restructure debts in line with article 182 of the Italian Insolvency Law. Italian bulker and tanker owner Giuseppe Bottiglieri has recently prepared a new business and financial plan currently under discussion with the financial creditors. Fleet depreciation and negative currency effects forced Italian shipowner Giuseppe Bottiglieri into a filing pending negotiations with creditors. Giuseppe Bottiglieri has a fleet of 11 dry bulk carriers and 4 tankers.