Greek owners flock towards Portuguese ship registry

Famous Greek owners flock towards Portuguese ship registry over the next few weeks. These ships are owned by well-known Greek names who have already agreed to join Portugal’s newly-founded International Shipowners’ Association (EISAP). Very prestigious Greek shipowners will become members of International Shipowners’ Association (EISAP). Company already has offices in Hamburg and Rotterdam, apart from its Portuguese bases in Madeira and Lisbon. International Shipowners’ Association (EISAP) which is established in 2013 has already had remarkable success in attracting owners, particularly from Germany. International Shipowners’ Association (EISAP) has put almost 300 ships from 57 different companies under the Portuguese flag and mostly German shipowners. Euromar is now aiming to replicate this success in Greece. Portuguese-flag vessels enjoy additional port-fee cuts in Brazil because of the traditional connection between the two countries.