Hunter Maritime

Alexander Saverys-led blank cheque company Hunter Maritime was asked to annual meeting. Marshall Islands registered Hunter Maritime received a chiding from Nasdaq for its failure to hold an annual meeting and Nasdaq demands Hunter Maritime hold annual meeting. New York Exchange send a letter to inform that Hunter Maritime has 45 days to submit a plan for an annual meeting. If Hunter Maritime submits a plan to Nasdaq and accepted, this gives Hunter Maritime up to 180 days from fiscal year end or until 1 July 2019 to hold the meeting. If Hunter Maritime’s plan is rejected by Nasdaq, Hunter Maritime may appeal. Hunter Maritime was started in 2016 with a $152 million IPO (Initial Public Offering) with the intention of acquiring dry bulk carriers at the bottom of shipping cycle. Hunter Maritime has since failed to acquire bulk carriers as investors looked to pull their money out of Hunter Maritime. Hunter Maritime looked to merge with Chinese financial technology outfit NCF Wealth Holdings.