Ince Law

Julian Clark has joined giant law firm Ince & Co. Previously, Julian Clark was Hill Dickinson’s head of global shipping. In early 2019, Ince & Co. was bought by Gordon Dadds. Julian Clark will be its new senior partner. Experienced lawyer Julian Clark will focus on further cementing Ince & Co.’s position as a global leader in shipping law. Furthemore, Julian Clark will focus on developing Ince & Co.’s legal services worldwide. Lawyer Julian Clark is a well-known and highly respected figure in the shipping industry. Furthermore, Julian Clark has more than 30 years of experience in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Ince & Co.’s new lawyer Julian Clark specialises in marine, trade and energy dispute resolution, as well as piracy, e-commerce and cyber crime, security and terrorism issues in the shipping sector.

Ince Group’s CEO Adrian Biles stated that Ince & Co. has been aiming to create the global shipping lawyer team in the market. According to CEO Adrian Biles, Julian Clark will bring wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge to Ince & Co. Over the last two (2) years, Julian Clark is credited with revitalizing Hill Dickinson by expanding the range of work and volume of instructions that Hill Dickinson handled. Julian Clark was a former founding partner of boutique outfit Campbell Johnston Clark (CJC). According to Julian Clark, Ince & Co. name is an icon of shipping industry and he believe that the combination of his management experience, vision and recent leading activity in the e-commerce and cyber fields will be exactly what Ince & Co. needs to continue its growth trajectory long term. Julian Clark has a personal view that law market is changing rapidly and only law firms left in existence will be either small firms or big firms.