Ince Law


Julian Clark has joined giant law firm Ince & Co. Previously, Julian Clark was Hill Dickinson’s head of global shipping. In early 2019, Ince & Co. was bought by Gordon Dadds. Julian Clark will be Ince & Co.’s new senior partner. Experienced lawyer Julian Clark will concentrate on strengthening Ince & Co.’s status as a global leader in shipping law. Furthermore, Julian Clark will concentrate on enhancing Ince & Co.’s judicial services worldwide. Lawyer Julian Clark is a renowned extremely esteemed character in the shipping business. Julian Clark has more than 30 years of participation in prosecution, arbitration, and mediation. Ince & Co.’s latest lawyer Julian Clark specializes in marine, trade and energy conflict resolution, piracy, e-commerce, security, and terrorism subjects in the shipping sector.

Ince & Co. has been endeavoring to build the global shipping lawyer team. Julian Clark will bring an abundance of knowledge and broad industry experience to Ince & Co. Julian Clark is recognized with revitalizing Hill Dickinson by developing the scope of business. Julian Clark was a former partner of Campbell Johnston Clark (CJC). Ince & Co. has been renown in the shipping industry. A blend of Julian Clark’s management experience, perspicacity, and recent preeminent exercises will be precisely what Ince & Co. require to sustain its growth in the long-term. The shipping law market is evolving swiftly and either small law firms or big law firms will exist in the near future.