Indonesian shipowners buying kamsarmax bulkers

Indonesian shipowners buying kamsarmax bulkers M/V Sri Prem Varsha and  M/V Sri Prem Vidya that were last operated by the now collapsed Singapore Mercator Lines. 2006 Chinese built sisterships 82K DWT M/V Sri Prem Varsha and M/V Sri Prem Vidya sold for $9.4 million each. M/V Sri Prem Varsha and  M/V Sri Prem Vidya were last two ships in Singapore Mercator Lines to be left unsold. In 2006, Singapore Mercator Lines bought the kamsarmax vessels as part of an enbloc deal from Chios Navigation of Greece. In March 2016, the Singapore branch of HSH Nordbank filed a winding up application in the High Court of Singapore against  Mercator Lines’s shipping arm Varsha Vidya Inc.