Kambara Kisen


Japanese shipowner and operator Kambara Kisen ordered kamsarmax bulk carriers 88K DWT at Tsuneishi Zhoushan Shipyard, China. Japanese shipowner and operator Kambara Kisen is the shipping arm of Japan’s Tsuneishi Shipbuilding. Tsuneishi Zhoushan Shipyard, China is the overseas shipyard of Japan’s Tsuneishi Shipbuilding. Japan’s Tsuneishi Shipbuilding has two (2) overseas shipyards. The second shipyard is in the Philippines and named Tsuneishi Heavy Industries Cebu.

Japanese shipowner and operator Kambara Kisen new kamsarmax bulk carriers are backed by a five-year charter deal with grain importer TIS Trade Asia.

Since the end of 2018, shipyards have been finding it difficult to secure new shipbuilding contracts due to the collapse of the dry bulk market. In 2020, shipbuilding markets have been deeply affected by coronovirus recession.


Japanese shipowner and operator Kambara Kisen ordered three (3) kamsarmax bulk carriers 82K DWT at Yangzijiang Shipbuilding in China.
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has been observing raising interest due to approaching IMO 2020 deadline on 1 January 2020.

Singapore-listed Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has also received two (2) guaibamax newbuilding bulk carrier orders 325K DWT from Asian shipowners.


Japanese shipowner Kambara Kisen sold 2005 built supramax dry bulk carrier 52K DWT MV Triple Ever to a Chinese shipowner for $7.3 million. Kambara Kisen also sold 2016 built panamax bulk carrier 82K DWT MV Rikke and sistership newbuilding for $22 million each.


A Greek shipowner bought kamsarmax bulk carrier 82K DWT M/V Safe Voyager built 2007 $9.4m and similar kamsarmax bulk carrier 82K DWT M/V FD Isabella built 2009 sold by Japanese shipowner Kambara Kisen to Chinese shipowners for $9.2m. In January, similar Kamsarmax bulk carriers were changing hands around $7m which might show that shipowners believe that prices have bottomed out and rebounded so they are rushing to buy dry bulk carriers.