Malt: Barley (or other grain) steeped in water until it germinates when it is dried in a kiln and used in the brewing or distilling processes, being shipped generally in small bagged quantities.

Mustard: Most of the World’s commercial mustard is grown in Canada. Its seed used in the preparation ofa wide range offood products, including salad cream and sauces as well as mustards themselves.

Oats: A light stowing grain, particularly hardy and thus widespread, exported largely from Australia and the northern parts of Europe and America.

Pollards: Middlings –  A mixture of bran ana meal liable to heat and to sweat, thus requiring good ventilation and dry stowage. Commonly pelletised in which form. pollards have a particularly high moisture content when compared with other pelletised grain cargoes. Sometimes referred to as middlings, part of ground grain.

  • Malt Bulk Stowage Factor 54/56
  • Malt Bagged Stowage Factor 56/58
  • Malt (Australian) Bagged Stowage Factor 85/90
  • Oats – Clipped Bulk Stowage Factor 48/62
  • Oats – Clipped Bagged Stowage Factor 64/72
  • Oats – Unclipped Bulk Stowage Factor 71/77
  • Oats – Unclipped Bagged Stowage Factor 83/85
  • Pollards Bagged Stowage Factor 70/90