Malt: Barley or other grains steeped in water until it germinates when it is dried in a kiln and used in the brewing or distilling processes, being shipped generally in small bagged quantities.

Mustard: Most of the World’s commercial mustard is grown in Canada. Its seed used in the preparation of a wide range of food products, including salad cream and sauces as well as mustards themselves.

Oats: A light stowing grain, particularly hardy and thus widespread, exported largely from Australia and the northern parts of Europe and America.

Pollards: Middlings -A mixture of branana meal liable to heat and to sweat, thus requiring good ventilation and dry stowage. Commonly pelletised in which form. Pollards have a particularly high moisture content when compared with other pelletised grain cargoes. Sometimes referred to as middlings, part of ground grain.

  • Malt Bulk Stowage Factor 54/56
  • Malt Bagged Stowage Factor 56/58
  • Malt (Australian) Bagged Stowage Factor 85/90
  • Oats – Clipped Bulk Stowage Factor 48/62
  • Oats – Clipped Bagged Stowage Factor 64/72
  • Oats – Unclipped Bulk Stowage Factor 71/77
  • Oats – Unclipped Bagged Stowage Factor 83/85
  • Pollards Bagged Stowage Factor 70/90