Misje Rederi AS

Bergen based coaster shipowner and operator Misje Rederi AS is aiming to renew its coaster bulk carrier fleet with a series of hybrid powered newbuildings. Norwegian family-owned Misje Rederi AS has approached shipyards in Norway, China and the Nether­lands for offers on coaster bulk carriers of between 4,500 DWT and 5,000 DWT. Misje Rederi AS already owns and operates 14 coaster bulk carriers in the size range. At the beginning, newbuilding contract will be for two coaster bulk carriers, with a series of ­options. Misje Rederi AS MD Nils Magne Fjereide explained that their company need to replace much of the fleet. Norwegian coaster shipowner and operator Misje Rederi AS also so far received price indications from Chinese shipyards. Biggest challenge is in financing the newbuilding project. According to Misje Rederi AS, newbuilding coaster eco-bulkers will use ­hybrid technology aimed at cutting emissions by 45.6% compared with today’s ships of the same size. Newbuilding coaster eco-bulkers will use batteries when entering and leaving port and normal diesel engines while at sea. Bergen based coaster shipowner and operator Misje Rederi AS has worked with Marine Design & Consulting and Norwegian Electric Systems to develop the design. MD Nils Magne Fjereide believe the future is ­hybrid and Misje Rederi AS wants to take a leading role in the move towards environmental shipping. Norwegian Misje Rederi AS employs 200 Polish and Russian crew members and shore staff of 19 in Bergen and Kaliningrad.