Bergen-based JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi has taken a large minority stake in 2011 Japanese built supramax bulk carrier 55K DWT MV Lista (ex MV Matsue). Geir Belsnes led JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi will be also commercial manager of MV Lista (ex MV Matsue). MV Lista (ex MV Matsue) deal was off-market. MV Lista (ex MV Matsue) was built in 2011 at Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, IHI Shipyard, Japan. Previously, MV Lista (ex MV Matsue) was controlled by Sojits Marine & Engineering of Japan. Currently, the market price of MV Lista (ex MV Matsue) is around $14 million.

In November 2019, Greek shipowner and operator New Vision Shipping acquired a similar 2011 Japanese built supramax bulk carrier 55K DWT MV Centenario Blue for around $13.8 million.

In August 2019, Norwegian shipowner and operator JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi sold 2005 built panamax bulk carrier 76K DWT MV Heina to Tongli Shipping for around $10.2 million. In October 2015, JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi bought MV Heina for around $10.2 million.

In July 2019, JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi sold 2008 built panamax bulk carrier 75K DWT MV Ogna to Greek shipowner for around $10.3 million. MV Ogna was built in 2008 at Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries. MV Ogna was owned on a partner basis with compatriot Wenaas Group. Furthermore, Wenaas Group partners JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi in the sistership MV Goya (built 2008). JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi has no plans to sell MV Goya. In 2007, MV Ogna and MV Goya were acquired from Golden Ocean for $45 million each with charters to Danish ship operator Torm.

JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi is looking to renew its fleet.

JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi was established in 1898 by former Norwegian prime minister Johan Ludvig Mowinckel. Currently, JL Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi is owned by charitable trusts.



Norwegian shipowner and operator JL Mowinckels Rederi is selling 2008 built panamax dry bulk carrier 75K DWT MV Ogna which has led to losses for for years. CEO Geir Belsnes confirmed the sale of MV Ogna. MV Ogna was built at Chinese Shipyard Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries. MV Ogna is ready for inspection in Singapore. MV Ogna and sister ship MV Goya are owned on a 50/50 basis with compatriot Wenaas but managed by JL Mowinckels Rederi. In 2007, Norwegian Wenaas and Mowinckels bought MV Ogna and MV Goya as newbuilding resales from Golden Ocean Group for $45 million each. MV Ogna and MV Goya was backed by 7 year time charter to Torm at $24,000 per day. After shipping crises and restructuring of Torm, charter rate per day was reduced. Danish shipowner and operator Torm redelivered panamax dry bulk carriers in 2015 and since then both panamaxes are chartered on short terms. At current market, MV Ogna and MV Goya are likely worth some $14.5 million each. In 1998, Norway Bergen based JL Mowinckels Rederi was established by Johan Ludvig Mowinckel who was prime minister in Norway. Now, JL Mowinckels Rederi is owned by charitable trusts. After the sale of MV Ogna and MV Goya, JL Mowinckels Rederi’s fleet will be left with 2005 built 76K DWT MV Heina and 2012 built 158K DWT MV Vinga.