Oldendorff Carriers fleet

On 10 March 2020, German bulk carrier giant Oldendorff Carriers is planning to christen four (4) newbuilding bulk carriers:

  • MV Dietrich Oldendorff (100K DWT 2020 built)
  • MV Beate Oldendorff (62K DWT 2020 built)
  • MV Benjamin Oldendorff (62K DWT 2020 built)
  • MV Britta Oldendorff (62K DWT 2020 built)

Christening event will take place in Oshima Shipbuilding, Japan. MV Beate Oldendorff will be christened by CEO Henning Oldendorff’s wife Beate Oldendorff. MV Dietrich Oldendorff, MV Beate Oldendorff, MV Benjamin Oldendorff and MV Britta Oldendorff will be delivered from the Japanese shipyard till June 2020.

All newbuilding bulk carriers are new designs which are the most economical hull form with very low bunker consumption. All new bulk carriers are scrubber-fitted and equipped with Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). Moreover, German shipowner Oldendorff Carriers have been celebrating decades of close collaboration with Oshima Shipbuilding, Japan
In shippin market, Oshima Shipbuilding is very well known for high quality super-eco bulk carriers.
CEO Henning Oldendorff inherited Oldendorff Carriers from his father Egon Oldendorff when he was 23 years old.
German shipowner Oldendorff Carriers has a fleet of 122 ships.