Pacific Carriers

Singapore-based Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) controlled five (5) bulk carriers have been circulated in S&P (Sale and Purchase) market by Japanese shipowners. Five (5) bulk carriers are aged between 8-10 years old and named MV Ikan Pandan (58K DWT), MV Ikan Bawal (58K DWT), MV Double Paradise (95K DWT), MV Alam Mulia (61K DWT), MV Ikan Salmon (61K DWT). Previously, Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) was attempting a charter rate cut from Japanese shipowners. Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) asked a discount on its charter payments to its Japanese due to financial challenges. Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) operates 48 bulk carriers which are mostly owned by Japanese shipowners. Japanese shipowners may want to seize on recovered dry bulk secondhand tonnage. It is unknown if Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) is advancing with its negotiations with Japanese shipowners to decrease its charter hire. Many Japanese shipowners have received applications to decrease charter rates from operators. 22-July-2020


Singapore-based Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) sold 2004 built panamax bulk carrier 75K DWT MV Ikan Bilis for around $7.7 million. Pacific Carriers Ltd’s (PCL) panamax price tag reflects the prevailing pressure on ship values. In 2002, Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) ordered MV Ikan Bilis for around $21 million and operated the panamax bulk carrier during boom years. In March 2018, Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) sold 2005 built panamax bulk carrier 87K DWT MV Penting to Navios Partners for around $13 million. In April 2016, Pacific Carriers Ltd (PCL) sold 2005 built panamax bulk carrier 87K DWT MV Alam Pesona to Navitas Compania Maritima for around $7 million. 27-February-2019