Polembros Bulkers

Athens based shipowner and operator Polembros Bulkers bought 2011 built post-panamax bulk carrier 95K DWT MV Double Paradise for around $16.5 million. MV Double Paradise was chartered out to ship operator PCL (Pacific Carriers Limited) by Japanese shipowners who favored taking chartered out bulk carriers back rather than re-charter them with (Pacific Carriers Limited) at lower rates. In 2018, Greek tycoon Spiros Polemis-led Polembros Shipping established Polembros Bulkers as a stand-alone dry bulk arm and Polembros Bulkers progressively expand in post-panamax segment. Since 2018, Polembros Bulkers has acquired three (3) post-panamax bulk carriers. Traditionally, post-panamax bulk carrier market is dominated by Japanese shipowners. Since the establishment, Polembros Bulker has stuck to its plans. MV Double Paradise was a good opportunity for Polembros Bulkers. In July 2019, Polembros Bulkers acquired MV Double Paradise sistership 2013 built post-panamax bulk carrier 95K DWT MV Serifos Warrior (ex MV Sunny Smile) for around $21 million. In November 2019, Polembros Bulkers acquired 2010 built post-panamax bulk carrier 93K DWT MV Thassos Warrior (ex MV Dimitra) for around $12 million from an auction. 14-September-2020


Greek tycoon Spiros Polemis established Polembros Bulkers to manage his dry bulk ships. This separate outfit Polembros Bulkers was registered with Greek authorities in May by Polembros Shipping. Spiros Polemis’s strategy is to slowly shift all 9 dry bulk carriers that Polembros Shipping currently owns to Polembros Bulkers. Numerous other Greek dry bulk players have established bulker companies during the last upturn of the shipping cycle like Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, Melina Travlos, and Leon Patitsas. Earlier, several tanker pioneers wanted to split their dry bulk fleet from their tanker fleet in order to clarify their outline with charterers. Originally, Polembros Bulkers acquired 2007 built handy bulk 28K DWT MV Parana Warrior (ex MV Northern Light) and 2011 built 80K DWT MV Samos Warrior from sister company Polembros Shipping. Currently, Polembros Bulkers has a fleet of 9 dry bulk carriers that comprise 1 kamsarmax, 1 post-panamax, 1 capesize, 1 handysize, and 5 newcastlemax dry bulk carriers. Tankers are nevertheless an essential priority for Polembros Shipping. Currently, Polembros Shipping has 12 tankers. 27-June-2018