Port Charges

Port charges cannot easily be assessed without experience, and most companies will keep records of previous calls to assist them. Organisations such as BIMCO provide valuable information on many ports, but probably the most reliable method is to contact an agent in the port in question, asking for a proforma disbursement account based on the relevant pertinent data of your vessel. Ethically, of course, such an enquiry should be directed to the agent who will be appointed if that (or other) business is successfully concluded. Knowing your cargo quantity, the freight rate and total commissions and brokerages, it is a relatively small step to calculating nett freight, adding demurrage where this is applicable – all leading to. By the application of Expenditure to Income and taking into account the total number of days shown in the Itinerary, a Result in the form of the Gross Daily can be calculated. From this figure can be deducted a vessel’s daily Running Costs, if desired, leaving the Nett Daily. For easier negotiations additional calculations provide the Gross Daily adjustment figure for each 10 cents variation in freight rate, whilst the final box in the voyage estimate form provides space for the timecharter equivalent rate to the gross daily return to be shown. Freight Taxes and Bill of Lading Weight Adjustments: Freight Taxes were explained in Lesson Five. In voyage estimating they are considered an expense, but they are not a fixed expense. Calculated as they are on the basis of a percentage of the total freight, if treated as a fixed amount and included in the Expenses section, the estimator has constantly to adjust the figure as negotiations proceed and as the freight rate alters. Consequently, the best solution will be found to consider a freight tax along with commission and brokerage, adding the three items together and deducting same from Gross Freight. The same strategy applies to deductions from bill of lading cargo weights ‘in lieu of weighing’. A deduction of, say, 0.5% can simply be added to commission/brokerage for ease of application.