Pyrites is a general name for various natural compounds of metals with sulphur or arsenic – eg: iron-pyrites or copper-pyrites. It is a very dusty cargo in either fines or in lump form and, if struck with steel, will produce sparks. Before the opening of major new sources of sulphur, pyrites formed the principal source of suphuric acid and is still exported from certain Mediterranean countries, particularly from Spain, France and Cyprus. Once the sulphuric content of iron-pyrites has been extracted (by a roasting process) the residue known as burnt are or pyrites cinders is used as a medium grade iron ore and is sometimes shipped by sea to iron and steelworks. These by-products are potentially liable to liquefy and thus the same care must be taken in their carriage as is employed for concentrates showing similar tendencies. Should this residue material be compressed into briquettes, it becomes known as sintered ore.

  • Bulk Pyrites Stowage Factor 12/18
  • Bulk Pyrites Cinders (Burnt Ore) Stowage Factor  14