Reederei H Vogemann

Hamburg based Reederei H Vogemann has ordered four (4) firm handysize bulk carriers and four (4) options with price tag around $24 million each at Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding, China. One of Germany’s oldest shipowners Reederei H Vogemann is a 135-year-old company based in Hamburg. Reederei H Vogemann is aiming to substantially increase owned fleet. Handysize bulk carriers will be built to the Green Dolphin 38 design and are understood to be open-hatch bulk carriers. Previously, Reederei H Vogemann ordered¬† similar three bulk carriers at Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding, China. Reederei H Vogemann made a joint venture with MPC Capital in order to establish technical management company Ahrenkiel Vogemann Bolten. Lately, German Reederei H Vogemann has been focusing on the handysize bulk carriers. In 2018, Reederei H Vogemann sold last capesize bulk carrier 2008 built 176K DWT MV SM Vision(ex MV Vogerunne) for about $24.3 million to Seoul based Korea Line. Currently, Hamburg based Reederei H Vogemann operates a fleet of 12 bulk carriers and 2 tankers.