Rice Stowage Factor

Rice: The principal food of half the World’s population, widely cultivated in Asia, major exporters being Thailand and Burma, mainly in bags. Also shipped in bulk from the USA and from Australia, as rough or paddy-rice (complete with husks); or as clean or brown rice (with husks removed); or as milled, white or polished rice (when prepared). Long-grain rice, used in main dishes, salads and soups, is the most popular in Europe, South America and the Middle East, whereas medium-grain is preferred in Japan, Korea and South East Asia, for use with seafoods and desserts. Rice is particularly prone to heat and sweating, thus requiring better than average ventilation, and when in bagged form, adequate mats and dunnage to keep the bags from touching ships’ decks and sides. The provision and application of mats and dunnage can be a time consuming and expensive process and one which is the subject of charter-party negotiation when fixing. Some charterers/receivers insist also that bagged rice be carried in electrically or mechanically ventilated vessels. Wetted rice is liable to rot, excessive heat, strong odour, and to swell dangerously.

Pulses: A general name for certain food plants such as peas, beans and lentils, grown throughout the world and all capable of processing for oils, expellers, pellets and cakes. The most significant members of the group from a seaborne trade aspect are: Soyabeans: which see, and Chickpeas & Lentils: exported mainly in bags from the Eastern Mediterranean: Beans: exported from South America.

Rape: A member of the cabbage family extensively exported in bulk from Canada, the seeds of which yield oils, the remainder after extraction being utilised for oilcake for cattle. It is also shipped in pellet form and as expellers.


  • Rice – Paddy (Rough) Bulk Stowage Factor 56/60
  • Rice – Paddy (Rough) Bagged Stowage Factor 64/67
  • Brown (Clean) Bulk Stowage Factor 45/50
  • Brown (Clean) Bagged Stowage Factor 53/55
  • White (Polished) Bagged Stowage Factor 50/52
  • Beans Bulk Stowage Factor 50/55
  • Beans Bagged Stowage Factor 55/60
  • Lentils Bulk Stowage Factor 50/55
  • Lentils Bagged Stowage Factor 55/60
  • Rapeseed Bulk Stowage Factor 53/57
  • Rapeseed Bagged Stowage Factor 60/65
  • Rapeseed Bulk Expellers and Pellets Stowage Factor 53/57