Seanergy Maritime

Greek shipowner and operator Seanergy Maritime CEO Stamatis Tsantanis clarified that the shipping business is going through one of the toughest periods in shipping history. Seanergy Maritime has lowered the company’s debt through refinancing while striving to extend loan maturities. Seanergy Maritime has been operating in capesize segment and capesize daily spot rates averaged around $7K through Q1 and Q2 2020. Recently, Seanergy Maritime has acquired 2005 built capesize bulk carrier 178K DWT MV Cape Baltic for around $11.5 million. Seanergy Maritime’s fleet increased to eleven (11) capesize bulk carriers. Seanergy Maritime has been discussing with moneylenders on pushing back loan maturities. Seanergy Maritime’s share price reached over the $1 minimum price requirement of NASDAQ after the reverse stock split in July 2020. 20-July-2020


Nasdaq listed shipowner Seanergy Maritime sold $30 million common shares since March 2020. But unfortunately, Seanergy Maritime’s common shares are still quite below Nasdaq’s minimum requirement. On 8 May 2020, Seanergy Maritime’s shares are closed at $0.16 per share which is quite below Nasdaq’s minimum requirement of $1. Currently, Athens based Seanergy Maritime has decided to stay away from the money markets for a while. Dry bulk market is rising from a period of historically low freight rates. Seanergy Maritime has $216 million total debt and $57 million shareholder equity. Greek Stamatis Tsantanis-led shipowner has a fleet of 10 capesize bulk carriers. 7-May-2020


Greek shipowner and operator Seanergy Maritime CEO Stamatis Tsantanis is very optimistic about dry bulk markets. According to Stamatis Tsantanis, dry bulk market currently has the best fundamentals for the last 15 to 17 years in shipping history. Seanergy Maritime CEO Stamatis Tsantanis expects a very healthy dry bulk market for the next few years. Stamatis Tsantanis expects the capesize market to experience a boost due to the number of ships set to be docked for scrubber retrofitting. 19-December-2018


Greek shipowner and operator Seanergy Maritime Holdings bought capesize dry bulk carrier 2012 Korean built 179K DWT from Dong-A Artemis for $32.5 million. This week, dry bulk market capesize daily spot rates reach $20,000 per day. Greek shipowner and operator Seanergy Maritime Holdings bought the capesize dry bulk carrier from South Korean shipowner Dong-A Artemis which has a fleet of 20 vessels. In September 2016, CEO Stamatis Tsantanis led Seanergy Maritime Holdings expanded its fleet by buying two capesize dry bulk carriers 2010 built from German shipowner ER Schiffahrt 178K DWT MV ER Bavaria and 178K DWT MV ER Bayern for a total of $41.5 million. 2-April-2017


German E.R. Schiffahrt is a ship-owning and ship-management company sold cape size bulk carriers to New York-listed Seanergy Maritime. New York-listed Seanergy Maritime has paid $61.5 million for three Korean built capesize bulkers 178K DWT 2010 built sisterships MV ER Bayern, MV ER Boston and M/V ER Bavaria. 29-September-2016