Shih Wei Navigation

Taiwanese shipowner and operator Shih Wei Navigation 2009 built open-hatch bulk carrier 32K DWT MV Vigor SW’s crew members aboard were subjected to a possible case of gas poisoning while the ship was docked at Nghi Son International Port in Vietnam. The incident occurred on a Sunday, and one of the crew members tragically passed away, while two others slipped into a coma. The three Chinese seafarers were found unconscious by their master during unloading operations. The affected crew members have been identified as Zhuang Lijn (52), Li Wen Liang (33), and Kong Deshan (23), and they were immediately rushed to the hospital. Regrettably, one of them succumbed to the poisoning, while the other is still in critical condition with broken ribs. The hospital authorities have expressed their belief that the crew members might have been poisoned by hydrogen sulphide, a toxic gas that is usually produced by the microbial breakdown of organic matter in an oxygen-deprived environment, such as a ship’s cargo hold, a sewer, or a swamp. The authorities are currently investigating the accident in collaboration with other agencies. MV Vigor SW is flagged under Panama and is owned by Shih Wei Navigation, a Taiwan-based shipowner and operator. 15-April-2023



Singaporean bulk shipowner Dry Bulk Singapore is looking to arrest a Taiwanese-owned 2011 built 58K DWT MV Eternity SW in Virginia after its charter was terminated earlier this summer. Singapore based Dry Bulk Singapore filed a lawsuit in the United States Eastern District of Virginia Federal Court.

Dry Bulk Singapore has filed a lawsuit against Dong Lien Maritime SA Panama, which is a subsidiary of Shih Wei Navigation. Dry Bulk Singapore is accusing of abruptly canceling its time charter while MV Eternity SW was discharging cargo in Quebec, Canada in July, 2019. Neither Shih Wei Navigation nor Dong Lien Maritime SA were labeled as defendants, only the ship MV Eternity SW, whose registered owner is Eternity Pescadores SA Panama. MV Eternity SW had been chartered to Dutch risk management firm 24Vision Chartering Solutions in 2018. Later on, MV Eternity SW was sub-chartered to Dry Bulk Singapore in April 2018. 24Vision Chartering Solutions had a three (3) day grace period to pay the agreed hire.

On 11 July 2019, Dong Lien Maritime SA notified Dry Bulk Singapore that 24Vision Chartering Solutions had defaulted on the charter. Later on, Dong Lien Maritime SA canceled period charter and removed MV Eternity SW from Dry Bulk Singapore’s chartering service. Dry Bulk Singapore suffered monetary damages and lost profits. Panamanian-flagged Eternity SW is currently ballasting to Norfolk, Virginia. Eternity SW is insured by Britannia P&I.