Shipbreakers in Turkey

International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (Hong Kong Convention) is signed by Turkey. This moves the Hong Kong Convention a bit closer towards entering into force. Turkey’s ratification is unlikely to shift local shipbreakers’ focus away from complying with a separate set of rules adopted by the European Union (EU), Turkey’s main source of scrapping business. Other nations signed and ratified Hong Kong Convention are Panama, Norway, France, Belgium and Congo which non of them ship recycles like Turkey. According to International Maritime Organization (IMO) at least 15 countries must ratify Hong Kong Convention before it can enter into force and combined merchant marine fleet of these countries constitutes at least 40% of the world’s gross tonnage. Shipbreakers at Aliaga, Turkey demolished about 180 vessels in 2016. Turkey want to attract EU-flagged commercial tonnage as a green ship demolition destination.