Side Loaders

Side loaders (doors or side ports) are found in some Ro-Ro vessels and their purpose is to augment the main cargo accesses. Side doors are most useful on vessels when their draft remains fairly constant.  It would be no use to have side doors on a ship whose draft varies greatly and the doors at times are below quay level or way above. There are numerous designs of side doors and the design depends on type of vessel and cargo expected to be carried.  Forklifts are used to convey cargo to the door for loading then transferred to hold by another forklift working in the vessel. Side swinging door is hydraulically operated.  It opens outwards and stows along the ship’s side. Upward folding door is usually supplied with a loading platform. Side door – hatch cover has the benefit that it can handle cargo which was too high for the previous design. Side port conveyor and elevator facilitates the transfer of cargo to the lower deck. Side door/Ramp for forklift truck has an external loading platform so forklift trucks can drive up ramps and place cargo on board. Side door/Ramp for Ro-Ro operation comes in two or three sections and when folded becomes a weather-tight door. Side ramps are used mainly in car carriers and vessels that use trailers or forklift trucks to stow directly.