St Lawrence Seaway traffic opened

On 6 October 2019 at 8:08 PM local time, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) bulk carrier 35K DWT MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin grounded about 1.2 miles from Cardinal, Ontario, Canada. MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin was carrying iron ore to Quebec City. Currently, St Lawrence Seaway traffic is moving freely. According to Canada Steamship Lines (CSL), MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin’s grounding is is still under investigation. There is no injury to personnel and no cargo damage. Furthermore, there is no discharge from MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin and no adverse effects to the environment. Transport Canada, United States Coast Guard and St Lawrence Seaway Management Corp responded to the incident immediately. Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) has been evaluating the situation and preparing a salvage plan for the disabled MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin. Montreal based shipowner and operator Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) expressed apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the incident. St Lawrence Seaway traffic opened after the incident.