Strike Clause

Strike Clause

Taking the simple case of dock a strike in New York, the following situation will emerge:

1. Assuming that your cargo is caught up in this situation, the period of transit will inevitably be prolonged. During this time the normal risks, particularly those of theft and pilferage, will obviously be enhanced. Under the standard cargo policies, provision is made for cover to continue during this extended period.

2. The insurance covers physical loss or damage to the property insured directly caused by strikers, locked-out workmen or persons taking part in labour disturbances, riots, civil commotions and by persons acting maliciously.

3. What the Strike Clauses specifically exclude is loss or damage, which is caused by the passive action of the strikers in withdrawing their labour.

It becomes immediately apparent that, with some commodities, it will not make any difference whether the voyage takes one week or one month but with perishable commodities the situation is quite different.

When dealing in perishables, it should be noted that it is possible in some instances to negotiate this additional form of cover but it is something, which is frequently overlooked.