Timber Charterparty

Timber is occasionally carried under the terms of specialized charterparties, but quite often under terms and conditions of a general trading charter – eg: the GENCON, or MULTIFORM. Among the specialized timber charterparties:

  • BIMCO Soviet Roundwood Charterparty for Pulpwood, Pitwood, Roundwood and Logs from the Baltic & White Sea Ports of the Russia – SOVCONROUND
  • BIMCO Black Sea Timber Charterparty for Timber from Russia & Romanian Black Sea & Danube Ports – BLACKSEA WOOD
  • Japan Shipping Exchange Inc Charterparty for Logs 1967 – NANYOZAI 1967
  • The Japan Shipping Exchange Inc Beizai (American Logs/Lumber) Charterparty – BEIZAI 1964