TMA Bulk


Greek shipowners M/Maritime and Ariston Navigation have collaborated with German Termgroup to establish TMA Bulk Pool. Hamburg based TMA Bulk Pool was established by two Greek and one German shipowners in February 2020. TMA Bulk Pool will focus on handysize bulk carriers.

M/Maritime, Ariston Navigation, and Termgroup pulled bulk carriers out of the Aug Bolten managed Sea Stallion Pool in order to form TMA Bulk Pool. Currently, TMA Bulk Pool manages 20 bulk carriers in the pool. TMA Bulk Pool will be managed Oliver Harms who was a former chartering manager at Aug Bolten. After M/Maritime, Ariston Navigation, and Termgroup exit the Sea Stallion Pool, Sea Stallion Pool has left with a couple of bulk carriers of founding member Aug Bolten. Hamburg based Aug Bolten is Germany’s second-oldest shipping company. Aug Bolten is controlled by Gerhard Binder and Killinger family.

In 2013, Sea Stallion Pool was formed by John Xylas led Ariston Navigation, together with Lydia Mar Shipping. Greek Lydia Mar Shipping is a subsidiary of the Aug Bolten. Initially, Sea Stallion Pool was managing eight (8) handysize bulk carriers. Later on, Sea Stallion Pool expanded to 30 bulk carriers. Aug Bolten managed Sea Stallion Pool members were:

  • M/Maritime
  • Ariston Navigation
  • Termgroup
  • Castleton Commodities Shipping
  • Denholm Shipping

According to TMA Bulk manager Oliver Harms, TMA Bulk Pool has been focusing on handysize bulk carriers. However, TMA Bulk Pool will soon manage supramax and ultramax bulk carriers. TMA Bulk Pool is aiming to add more eco-bulk carriers besides founding members’ own bulk carriers.